Well, here it is, the next portrait tips and techniques ebook – “TIMELESS PORTRAITS”.


This ebook follows on from “NATURAL LIGHT PORTRAITURE” showing more set up images and diagrams on creating natural light portraits. In addition there is valuable information on how I plan portrait sessions, not just turning up to sessions and working with what’s presented to me, but planning the clients clothing colours to match the theme of their homes. The information is valid for both colour or black and white.


One thing I often notice is simple mistakes photographers make when selecting a theme, such as high-key or low-key, is the mis-match relationship of clothing to background. This ebook will show you my  process for avoiding these situations and creating a more balanced and timeless look.


A timeless portrait is not an old school portrait nor a trendy fashion portrait. It is a portrait that stands the test of time and if planned correctly is a valuable lifetime investment allowing these art pieces to be displayed as contemporary portraits  or traditional portraits.


I have reduced the text to the necessary and included easy to follow charts and images with explanations. It’s not a text book, it’s more a how and why it was created style.


Who’s the ebook for? If you’re new, you should also look at purchasing the previous ebook, Natural Light Portraiture, as the two ebooks compliment each other. If you already have the previous ebook or you’re  an experienced creative portrait photographer, this ebook maybe what you’re looking for to fine tune your craftsmanship.


If you want to learn more about the craft of creating quality portraits, please check out TIMELESS PORTRAITS.

The image on the cover was taken in 1998. It is still displayed in the clients contemporary home as a piece of timeless art.

How to create classic timeless portraits with Wayne Radford

Happy shooting,


14 Responses to “NEW PORTRAIT eBOOK”

  1. paul velissaris Says:

    hey Wayne long time no speak…….nice book again…..lets catch up


  2. wayne Says:

    Hello Paul, blast from the past.I’m away next week, but I’ll call you when I get back. Love to catch up.

  3. Darren Moore Says:

    Hi Wayne,
    Another great ebook.
    Been through the first two chapters and looking forward to reading the rest.
    Hope you’ll do a book about your thought processes on post processing and Printing ie the How and Why

    Do these same principles in ‘ Timeless Portraits ‘ apply to clients with dark skin tones ?


  4. wayne Says:

    Hi Darren,

    Thanks for purchasing the ebook. Yes the principals are the same for darker skin.

    Darker clothing will actually lower the contrast between face and clothing. If you had a white shirt against dark skin or light skin you are increasing the contrast, which makes a portrait busy in a low-key portrait.(IMO)

    There is a poster portrait of Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan that says it all. Dark clothing, dark skin, medium/dark background and good lighting actually makes their faces appear lighter. One of my favourite portraits.

    I hope this helps.


    PS here’s a link

  5. Darren Moore Says:

    Thanks for your help Wayne.

  6. Sławek Says:

    Hello! How many pages does the book have?

  7. wayne Says:

    the book contains 50 double page spreads(100 single pages)
    It is designed to view as a single page view showing 2 normal size pages. Because there are many large images, we think the viewing of a double page is best.

  8. Sławek Says:

    Thank You for the answer Wayne. I’m considering buying it but there’s always a little doubt if it will help me.

  9. Gianmarco Says:

    First of all, I Loved your first book and just bought the second. On your website you state that you produced a portrait training guide DVD where could one get his hands on a copy?

  10. wayne Says:

    Hi Gianmarco,
    Thanks for purchasing my ebooks and I hope they assist you in your photography studies.
    The DVD was produced for a workshop I did a couple of years ago and is only suited to those who attended. It is an abbreviated follow up to the workshop.It’s not a step by step video guide. I am looking at producing some DVD’s in the near future and will let you know.
    Many thanks for your interest.
    Kind regards

  11. Gianmarco Says:

    thanks for the quick reply, I’ll be looking forward to the future releases then!

  12. Sławek Says:

    I purchased the book and I’m really satisfied! My skepticism is all gone and I want to thank You for the time and effort preparing the book! With some time I hope I can buy the first one too!

    Kind regards,

  13. Raymond Says:

    I purchased both of your e-books and want to say thank you. I have been committed to really learning good posing and lighting, but most of what I have learned from have applied these concepts in a fairly “stale” way to mostly studio work, which I do love. However, your examples of using these proper techniques in a more flexible way is extremely helpful in seeing what can be achieved with some effort and creativity. I also second the thought on a post-processing book. Thanks again, love your work.


  14. wayne Says:

    Thanks Raymond for the comment. It’s greatly appreciated. I haven’t got any plans for a post-processing ebook at this time, but I will keep it in mind. There are so many good photoshop gurus out there, I’m not sure where if I’m qualified in that area.
    But I do feel a need to continue with teaching techniques of getting it right in camera.
    Thanks again.

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