Welcome back for more portrait tips, yes I’m doing a colour post. For a black and white photographer it’s going to be tough.

Last week I attended our annual Australian Exposure conference where we were captivated by a group of wonderful speakers for over four days. One such speaker was Kenvin Pinardy from Indonesia whose contemporary fashion style impressed everyone.

I was so inspired to try something different (for me) as I normally create black and white portraiture. Kenvin’s works of art gave me the inspiration to at least give colour another go. I got bored with colour a long time ago, but digital certainly has presented new opportunities to be more creative. OK I’m a slow starter.

I didn’t want to copy and be “a look a like” as there is no challenge in that for me. I wanted something that was mine and that’s not easy to do these days. There’s nothing new, I know the techniques have been around for awhile, but I guess it’s how you put it together as an artist. Making changes and adaptions as you go is what creates your brand, not necessarily step by step techniques. If you want to see other images larger you can visit my Facebook page.

The original image was taken after sunset with a very clear sky – the young lady was actually looking at the after glow of the setting sun below the horizon. While these types of days are good for outdoor recreation, they offer very little for dramatic photography. Hence the drop in sky. If you are going to drop in skies, they need to match up as close as possible. That is the sunset position should be the same or close as possible and in this situation, the sunset position for both images, is far left of camera.

The following images are the pieces used to create the final art piece. Most of the post production was created in photoshop, but Nik Colour Efex Pro was used to stylise the image. One day I may do a post on the procedure, but it is quite long and to be honest there are photoshop experts out there far more qualified to teach these techniques. I tend to use photoshop mixed with other plug-ins to get my final result. In other words I play until I see and feel what’s right for me, so it’s not an exact science. The texture screen is from the Florabella Collection and was used twice by horizontal and vertical flipping of the texture.




 FINAL PORTRAIT…… a larger version can be seen on my Facebook Page.  Thanks to Kenvin Pinardy for the inspiration. It certainly took me outside my comfort zone to try something different which is something we should all do from time to time.

Until next time happy shooting,


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  1. Jan Ramsay Says:

    You are amazing. Thank you for sharing this Wayne.

  2. Rose Mary Cheek Says:

    Lovely work… thanks for sharing

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