SLIDESHOW – Then & Now

This slideshow is part of a book project I’v been working on. Clients from previous years were invited to have their children rephotographed. Most were originally photographed between 4 to 13 years prior, so the project was a great way to update their portraits. As you will see some have extended their families during that period.

 The book project, in my opinion shows the timeless value of black and white classic portraiture.

 Comments always welcome and please enjoy.


4 Responses to “SLIDESHOW – Then & Now”

  1. Mercury Says:

    That is so good . well done Wayne ,,,,,,,

  2. wayne Says:

    Thanks Mercury,
    I appreciate your thoughts and taking the time to view the slideshow.

  3. Stephen Says:

    Love your work. Your use of black and white is very inspiring. The mood and feeling of your work of these childhood captures the beauty of childhood. Thank you also for the great tips given on your web site.
    I will be purchasing your books in the near future. I Learn so much by just studying great artist such as yourself. The eyes of man are never full.

    Stephen Evans
    ft. Walton Beach, Fl

  4. Wayne Radford Says:

    Thank you Stephen for your words of praise, I truly appreciate it.
    I hope I can help you on your photographic journey.


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