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Lifestyle portraits come in all different genres. Although this image was set up, the boy is full of enthusiasm and shows his passion for the skill of chess.

I selected a lower camera angle to view through the closest chess pieces, causing a blurred foreground. This leads you to his face, in particular his eyes.

The natural light is coming from his right and light is subtracted on his left by a medium toned wall. I could have placed a black scrim or card against the wall to create more shadow, but I felt this was enough.

The light is also subtracted from above by an overhanging awning. The chess board is acting as a reflector by bouncing some soft natural light up into his face. Ideal when the subjects face is looking down.

Portrait Tips: A subject reading can use a book or newspaper to reflect light up into the face. 

Camera – Canon 5D

Lens – 70-200 F2.8L

Focal length – 185mm

ISO – 400

Aperture – F3.5

Shutter speed – 1/80th

White balance – K (6000) corrected in RAW

Lighting – late PM natural light

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  1. Jaime Vela Says:

    Thank you for the tips, lighting is so important for a great photo and I for one can use all the help I can get.

  2. wayne Says:

    Hi Jaime,
    Thanks stopping by and I hope some of my tutorials help you.

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