I recently posted these portrait images on Facebook and decided that I should also post them here, as I have been away from here for some time.

Going through some of my old files from 2008 I came across this portrait and wondered how I would approach it today with some hind sight. Back in 2008 I had strong beliefs that what’s in the camera stays for the integrity of the image. Fair call I guess. I couldn’t do much about the sign, the bar, leaves and cropping as I was shooting between two parked cars and couldn’t gain more space at the sides without the intrusion of the cars (cars tend to date a photo and it’s not my preference to include them).

I would have preferred more RH wall and leaves plus more window on the LHS, but not to be, so I photographed it as in the original here. I then produced a BW for the client.

These days I’m creating more pastel art portraits and I like them to be as minimalistic as possible, so the clutter of the elements needed to go.

4465 52 RAW BLOG


What you see in the above image is the camera cropping. The placement of the brother and sister was a calculated guess, but close enough, I just moved them along the seat to where it looked right. When I checked the Golden Triangle cropping aid in CS6, I decided not to change the cropping in post for the updated version. It was just the other elements needed attention.

The sign was distracting, but I wasn’t sure of copyright breaches either, so I removed it to be safe. The window on the left needed more window in my opinion at first, but when I removed it, I preferred the clear negative space. The bar above the brother and sister was also distracting and the window reflection was also improved.

4465 52 ART BLOG

So there we have it, a more minimalistic soft art portrait. It was never about the documenting of the location.  I don’t have a problem changing the integrity of the scene when creating pastel art portraits. I’ll leave that for my black and white studies.

Until next time,

Cheers for 2015 


4 Responses to “PRE POST PRODUCTION”

  1. Qaseem Says:

    Terrific tutorial. Thanks

  2. Yuliya Says:

    great! Thank you!

  3. Endre Says:

    Fantastic tutorial and examples. It would be great also a dodge and burn postproduction tutorial, what kind of tools do you use for that? Are you using the photoshop default doge/burn tool, or some kind of layer technic?

  4. jay Says:

    I purchased your books and i am wondering / hoping you will have a video course on your technique.
    Is this in the works and ab how much will it be?

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