How to create natural light portraits at twilight.

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Finding out what interests your clients have, goes a long way to a successful session. I photographed these boys on their family property doing what they enjoy most, dirt bike riding.

lifestyle family portraits-tips for portrait photography-candid portraits-colour portraits.jpg

In addition to action images, I wanted some images that were different. In the back view  study, I asked the boys to walk towards their bikes while talking to each other. Fortunately, one of them looked across at the other, which created some realism rather than two complete back poses.

I chose a low camera angle and placed the boys against a solid density background. This avoided the distracting area of the trees against the sky. The RH boy’s head in the top third. Light is from the front/left, creating a rim light around their hair, which is highlighted against the hill in the background. This creates good separation.

The portraits were created during the twilight period, my favourite time for portraiture albeit short in Queensland, Australia. The light here is quite harsh and in most cases the better portraiture is created in the last hour of the day.

lifestyle portrsits-black and white child portraits-portrait tips- natural light portraits.jpg

Camera - Canon 5D
Lens - 70-200 F2.8L
Focal length - 165mm
ISO - 400
Aperture - F3.5
Shutter speed - 1/125th
White balance - K (5200) corrected in RAW
Lighting - late PM natural light

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